Thoughts on Orlando tragedy from Cuba

I do my best to stay on top of the news of the world when I am here in Cuba, but as you all know, it's complicated here. Wider availability of wifi hotspots spread out over Cuba's public spaces makes it much easier, and the price has gone down to $1 - $2 per hour of internet access. Still, I mostly focus my time on responding to important emails, checking out Cuba-specific news, and using Facebook to see[...]

Obama visits Cuba

Today was absolutely surreal, as the streets were nearly empty in the several hours before Obama’s arrival. Sundays in Havana are generally quiet, as Cubans, family-oriented as they are, go en masse to swimming pools or to the beaches in the outskirts of the city. Adding to that the fact that most Cubans didn’t bother going out into the city due to rumors that everything would be closed in anticipation of higher than normal security needs for Obama’s visit, Havana was like a ghost town.

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Progress in Cuba

  A prominent change that I have been witnessing over the past few months in Cuba is that there are many more WiFi hotspots. Contrary to what you may have read by journalists who report from the comfort of their hotels, the internet is not free. Nor has it ever been $12/hr anywhere other than the most expensive hotels in Havana. It has, however, reduced dramatically in price lately. One hour of internet access now[…]