June 10, 2015

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Soltura is a Spanish word with definitions ranging from comfort to agile to fluent. We consider ourselves a conduit through which our travelers can truly experience the cultural delicacies that exist in Cuba, and can also relax knowing that the details of your travel will be cared for.

While there are now a myriad of tour companies leading trips to Cuba, we hold true to a passion for sincere cultural connection that our tour leaders have maintained over years, having led trips to Cuba since 2008. Soltura Travel leads small, specialized group trips and we get to know Cuba through guest lectures and by getting to know the Cubans we will spend time with in Cuba. We attempt to provide a much deeper sense of the culture than what one might get through the window of a tour bus. If you intend to visit Cuba to gain a true insight into what life is like there and to connect with it’s people, or if you desire a small group trip tailored to your passions, Soltura Travel is structured to ensure that you are well cared for by people who are well-organized and passionate about travel.

It is integral to our mission that we give back when we travel. We have partnered with several free educational projects in Cuba that work with youth on weekends, strengthening a sense of community, and instilling a love for the arts. We bring donations to help support these projects, and a percentage of our trip fees goes directly to supporting these programs. Visiting the project sites is usually a highlight of the trip for our travelers, and together, we make a positive impact on our world. As citizen diplomats, shouldn’t that be a priority?





Our Story

Soltura Cuba Travel was founded on the principle that despite the US embargo, US Americans and Cubans should be able to meet, share ideas, and build friendships, unhindered by governmental politics.

Each unique trip is build upon the framework of an enriching arts and culture itinerary, which Ian Sergeant, our founder, developed over his years of leading culturally-immersive trips to Cuba since 2008. When combined with the vast family of Cuban friends and professionals that had developed over the years, our concept blossomed into the creative people-to-people experience that our travelers can now benefit from.brainstorming:

Soltura Cuba Travel was founded with the spirit of getting to know an unfamiliar place by developing friendships with the inhabitants of that place, delving deeper into the culture than what one might find on a tourist map. We take you into the culture of Cuba, and not just to the interesting sites.

When one works hard to get to an unfamiliar place, they should be able to cover the important things to see and do.